Control Panel Housings

Lectern Accessories

Our comprehensive range of Control Panel Housings (CPH) are designed to securely integrate control units, tablets and other interface panels to media-equipped furniture such as our lectern range.

The housing fixes to the worktop and once locked, secures the control panel while maintaining full functionality.

All of our Control Panel Housings are designed and manufactured in house, which ensures we can meet any design requirements you may have.

As standard, each housing contains a single mains socket and an aperture in which the control unit fits.

Please note: Control Panel Housings are available in 10-working-days


Our standard Control Panel Housings consist of multiples apertures (one aperture houses one control unit) with a single mains socket to the left of the device.

  • Made to accommodate all major control panel or tablet models
  • Prevents theft with drill-resistant push-button locks
  • Extra mains socket available on request
  • Mounts securely to the worktop
  • Integrated cable management
  • Available in a range of colours and finishes
  • Available with suited or non-suited keys

Customised range:

For any requirements that are not covered by our standard models, tailor made housings can be designed and manufactured at a small additional cost, for example, triple aperture panels or other custom designs.

We have manufactured and designed over 200 different types of Control Panel Housing units to date. Please call our sales team on 0121 783 3838 to discuss available options.



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