Synergy Atmos


Synergy Atmos features a high quality fabric panel behind the screen which creates a more enclosed environment for a better meeting experience, ideal for open plan and breakout areas.

Synergy is designed to provide users with a dynamic and interactive solution that is fully AV and IT integrated and meets the high standard expected from technical furniture today.

Improve your meeting experience
Fabric panel behind the screen gives focus to the meeting spaces and limits distractions.

Reduce costs + save resources
Parachute fully integrated meeting spaces into your learning environments with minimal impact on infrastructure.

Collaboration is key
Dynamic and innovative solution for open plan meeting areas that help enhance collaboration between meeting participants.



  • High quality fabric shroud (Group 1 fabric)
  • MAX screen size: 1240mm(W)
  • Choice of standard paint, worktop & edge banding finishes
  • PC cage – Secure (318Z) or Non-secure (240Z)
  • Standard mast or cable well connectivity
  • ‘Shark-nose’ worktop edge
  • Secure screen mount w/ push button lock (J-LITE01 – 400×400 VESA or J-LITE02 – 700×400 VESA)

Additional cost:

  • Upgrade to premium fabric options for shroud (e.g. two-tone / patterns)
  • Colour match your fabric shroud to the mast and metalwork
  • Non-standard paint, worktop & edge banding finishes
  • Bespoke connectivity options
  • Fabric matched seating options
  • Under desk rack unit (8U / 10U / 12U)
  • Worktop power modules
  • Camera / sound bar bracket
  • Bespoke worktop options available
  • Extended neck
  • Desktop machining