Synergy 'Sit Stand'

Our SYNERGY COLLABORATIVE TABLES are available with a fully height adjustable worktop where the whole surface rises and falls to suit user preference. The height adjustable functionality allows users to choose between traditional meetings at seated height typically with a longer duration, or at standing height, encouraging quick touchdown and breakout meetings.

Our collaborative tables are available in a range of shapes and sizes. If you have a specific requirement, please don’t hesitate to ask by contacting a TOP-TEC sales advisor.

SYNERGY is now available with our brand-new Safety Screens for socially distanced working. Available POA, please ask for guidance.

Buying Options
Product Features



  • Electrically fully height adjustable worktop
  • Choice of standard paint finishes
  • Choice of standard worktop & edge banding finishes
  • PC cage
  • Standard data interface plate & connectivity
  • Screen mount
  • Worktops are supplied with a thickness of 25-40mm

Options at Additional Cost:

  • Non-standard paint finishes
  • Non-standard worktop & edge banding finishes
  • Bespoke data interface plate & connectivity
  • Under desk rack unit
  • Desktop power modules
  • Dual screen mount
  • Camera mount
  • Extended neck
  • Desktop machining
  • ‘Shark nose’ worktop edge