AV Pole Adaptor

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Secure your equipment
Our solutions cover a range of security options from simple mounts to completely secure cages and screens.

Built to last
All our solutions are manufactured from steel at our factory in Birmingham with a strong and robust design that won’t let you down.

Our AV Pole Adaptors are manufactured to attach TOP-TEC AV equipment to non-standard column sizes.

As all of our AV security equipment is designed to affix with 50mm diameter mounting columns, the adaptors play an important role in securing our devices to poles that have different diameters.

Columns and mounting devices fix to the adaptors with two large bolts, while acute positioning is managed by the tightening of two grub screws.

The Adaptor is manufactured in five sizes to fit Promethean, RM and Vogel mounting columns, as well as 40mm diameter poles.

Each adaptor is produced with a robust steel frame to maintain the strength and integrity of mounted equipment.


  • Attaches Promethean, RM and Vogel Poles to TOP-TEC AV equipment
  • 5 adaptor options to connect 50mm columns with other column sizes
  • Fastens to each mounting device with the supplied bolts
  • Two grub screws fix AV equipment in to position
  • Standard colours as black, grey, silver and white


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