Pluto Plate Projector Mounting Kit

Projector Mounting Kits

The Pluto Plate mounting kit is designed to provide a simple, affordable solution to suspending your projector.

Combining the versatile Pluto Plate with a durable column and ceiling plate, the Pluto Plate bundle provides all of the components required to securely mount your projector to the ceiling.

The versatility of the Pluto Plate allows the device to accommodate for the positions of the fixing holes on the majority of projector types, eliminating the extra cost and inconvenience of special fittings.

The device is integrated with our innovative swivel-ball mechanism that enables the mounted projector to be rotated through 360º and tilted up to 35° in all directions.

The complete package!
Saves 15% from the price of buying each mounting component separately.

Built to last
5-year mechanical warranty.

Manufactured from steel
Secure and lockable units to help protect your projectors.

Bespoke projector cages by special request, contact our team on 0121 783 3838.



  • Saves 15% from the price of buying each mounting component separately!
  • Provides every component necessary for mounting your projector to the ceiling – all in one package
  • Accommodates all major AV projectors
  • Unique design enabling 360º rotation and 35º tilt
  • Standard colours: white, dark grey or black


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