Cable Trunking

A simple solution for neatly concealing cables around workstations, our cable trunking is designed to make cable management discreet and easy to maintain.  The trunking integrates with all of our standard desk furniture, fixing beneath the worktop to accommodate and sort loose cables that would otherwise become an obstruction.

The unique three-way cavity trunking runs along the back panel of desks enabling different types of cable to be separated and hidden beneath the worktop.  This is especially beneficial as the separation of cables can make maintenance easier and cause an increase in computer functionality.  The strip also allows various power sockets and other inputs points to mounted onto the trunking.

As each of our desks are designed and manufactured in-house, we are able to offer a unique customisation service that ensures each product is produced to meet the needs of the workspace in which they are installed.  For cable trunking, this service includes tailoring the colour, shape and size of trunks to match the worktop and frame of the desk that is being installed.

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  • Enables simple cable management, accommodating loose, untidy cables
  • Different compartments to allow data and power segregation
  • Easy installation beneath the desks worktops
  • Each tray made-to-fit individual desk sizes
  • Supplied with end-covers