Worktop Power Modules (Workspace Desks)

Our power and charge modules are easily fitted into either of the cable access ports that are available on all of our desks. Available in a number of configurations, the modules can be fixed in a circular or rectangular shape, pop-up from the worktop, rotate from an aperture designed into the worktop, or simply fixed onto the top of the worktop itself.

Please note: Our power & charge modules can be customised to match your design, workspace and power input requirements. To enquire about non-standard modules, call our advisors on 0121 783 3838, or email
Buying Options
Product Features


  • Supplied in black, grey or white colour finish (Other colours available on longer lead time)
  • Available as a circular, pop-up, rotating, wedge or fixed module
  • Customised modules available with inputs configured to your needs
  • Simple to fit