Touchscreen Technology Is Still Transforming Classrooms

Here at Top- Tec, we specialise in creating technical furniture solutions for the education market. Therefore, we thought we would talk about the influence Touchscreen Technology has on the classroom. We will discuss its increasing use within classrooms and how it is shaping the way students learn. We will detail some handy solutions designed to support the delivery of interactive touch screen lessons.

The Key Benefits Of Touchscreen Technology

When compared to teaching activities that use outdated projectors, using touch screens has some major benefits.

  • More opportunities for active and collaborative learning.
  • An environment that is inviting and well- organised.
  • Student focused learning activities adapted to learning needs and preferences.
  • Multiple pathways for monitoring student progress.
  • Technology supports the learning environment.
  • Technology and instruction work together, supporting teachers and students.

Flexible Technology

Touchscreens and interactive whiteboards are extremely flexible tools that allow multiple users to interact with different types of media. Using interactive screens allows the user to tap into several key innovations that are perfect for use in active learning. The user may draw over elements in presentations, add notes or labels to images and take notes during brainstorming sessions. Interactive screens are fantastic for active demonstrations. For example, a presenter teaching a group of students how to use software, can run the program and interact with it by touching the board to highlight and annotate its features. Connecting to a PC or laptop Enables the use of applications, browsing the web, playing or recording video and audio and saving for dispersal to the class.

Interactive screens and whiteboards not only facilitate teacher/student experiences they allow students to Interact directly with the content on the board, either alone or with their peers thanks to multi-point touch technology. Students can deliver their own interactive presentations with ease and enjoy more varied lesson formats, learn from a wide range of media types and collaborate with teachers and peers.


Touchscreen Technology is inherently heavy, with larger screens reaching upwards of 120kg. Before you mount these heavy devices you should reinforce whatever structure you are attaching it to. This can mean alterations to existing infrastructure and costly changes to the fabric of your building. Supporting furniture like TOP-TEC’s Discovery is essential whether you are attaching your device to a wall or want a truly mobile solution. Students can present to and interact with the class from a focal point you create by attaching a touch screen to a wall and mounting a screen to a trolley offers the freedom to position your device wherever you need it.

TOP-TEC specialise in technology integrated furniture that facilitates technology enriched learning practices. If you are interested in creating a more engaging learning space that facilitates the use of Touchscreen Technology, please speak to a member of our team today on 0121 783 3838, or alternatively, get in touch via

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