Visual Displays For Classrooms | Enhancing Class Engagement

Digital activities are becoming increasingly popular in classrooms across the UK. More and more teaching institutions are beginning to adopt these practices. There has been a significant improvement in the connectivity of devices. As a result, it is even easier to use technology. In this article, we will talk about how you can get the most out of technology in the classroom, using a flexible visual display solution.

Studies show that using technology in the classroom improves student’s retention of information, engagement in activities and recall skills. There are many ways to engage with students using technology, however the easiest method is through large format displays.

Classroom Visual Displays

NEC claim that – “Group working in the classroom encourages student participation and engagement in the learning process, whilst enhancing enjoyment and achievement”

Teachers can increase student’s interaction during lessons by using multi-pen interactive whiteboards and touchscreens. Additionally, they can use BYOD (bring your own device) enabled displays. This allows anyone in the classroom to connect to them.

One drawback is that these visual displays need mounting. Space is a premium in most classrooms, and this can often lead to a rethink of the entire room’s layout. This can be pricey if there is a requirement of additional infrastructure. In addition to this, permanently mounting a large screen is not practical in a flexible learning environment. Our solution was to design flexible visual display stands that makes the large screens mobile.

There are many aspects to consider when choosing our flexible visual display solutions. Such as, what size screen will you be using? Are you using additional equipment to drive the screen such as a PC or wireless receiver? Is the screen going to be used in a single space? Or is it going to be moved around between rooms? These questions will help us deliver the best solution for your requirements.

TOP-TEC’s Flexible Visual Display Solutions

Our SPIRE solution allows screens to be deployed into any accessible space. The light and flexible trolley is designed for rapid deployment, and flexible repositioning of screens. Therefore, it is ideal for open plan areas and classrooms alike because the unit can be moved with ease. It features secure mounting for up to 75” screens at a fixed height.

If you need a flexible visual display solution that offers security for AV equipment and tamper-proof access to your screen, then why not try our Mobile DS STAND solution. The DS stand started life as a standing solution. It has been designed for large format screens in areas where mounting is not possible. Now, we have evolved it to provide landscape and portrait mounting options for up to 95” screens. It offers a mobile option on the 55” variant to support flexible spaces.

We have added this development to larger models. The ability to turn displays into secure mobile solutions gives you the flexibility to adapt your learning spaces. As a result, you can make sure you create a working space that works for you.

One of our most versatile and flexible visual display solutions, is our premium DISCOVERY range. Not only does Discovery give you the ability to easily transport large format screens (up to 84”). You can also change the screen height.

So, What Are The Benefits Of Using These Solutions?

You can create a world of opportunities for positive engagement with our display solutions. You can achieve this by utilising the ability to manoeuvre your displays into the best positions for your students. Move the screen close to those currently participating in the class’s activity. Have them connect to the screen and display their work. Bring up resources to talk about with specific groups. Furthermore, you could deploy multiple screens so that each group has their own display. The possibilities go on and on. Using technology and engaging in such activities improves students’ confidence to pick up and use technology. This is a key transferable skill for the workplace.

We can help to make screens an asset to the entire campus, no longer being limited to one room. Your displays can be in use for a range of applications in environments outside of the classroom. In fact, digital signage, wayfinding, point of interest or information stations are all made possible when you utilise our mobile solutions.


If you want to make your displays more flexible and utilise them throughout your campus, we have a range of solutions. All of which, we are confident will meet your requirements. Get in touch our team today on 0121 783 3838 or via

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