Why You Should Be Utilising Visual Branding

What Is Visual Branding?

There are many aspects to visual branding and they each feed into one another. Your visual brand is your identity. It is people’s awareness of you and their perception of your establishment. In addition, it is the quality of your products or services, how customers value you, and the trust and loyalty this instills. As one of the country’s leading manufacturers of AV furniture, we understand the importance of visual branding. As a result, we make sure that products such as our custom lecterns can support your branding.


What does your visual branding say about you? Do you have modern or traditional values, are you forward thinking, young, hip, mature, conscientious? The more you utilise your visual branding the more the association of pride in your institution is perceived. This influences how your quality is measured.


Does your visual branding reflect the quality of your products and services? If you are proud enough to say this is who we are and this is what we do, your institution and your products and services must be the bee’s knees! After all, you wouldn’t put your branding on anything that wasn’t good quality. This can help improve your value in customers eyes.


So, are you using your visual branding to improve your value to customers? The more a customer values your brand the higher up in their estimations your institution will be. When they see your visual brand what comes to mind? Do they recognise it? Do they know how good your products are just by seeing your branding on them? This is the basis for building trust.


The more trust there is in your brand the more people perceive a level of quality and value in your other products and services. Therefore, the more likely they are to want to own or use them. This can often be a cumulative effect and the more they are satisfied with what they receive the more positive the association with your visual brand.


Awareness builds upon each of these aspects. However, it depends on how well you utilise your visual branding. If all these aspects are hitting the right mark and you are taking every opportunity to associate them with your visual branding awareness of your brand should be consistently building and improving in a circular effect. As a result, you can build loyalty.


People’s loyalty is what everyone is after. Therefore, you want to be the first to pop into people’s minds when they think about certain products or services. And if they have a choice you want to be their preference. This is a constant competition. You can only maintain this by consistently utilising tools that promote your brand.

How Do You Utilise Your Branding?

Putting your visual branding on your products, brochures and literature is something that most companies often think about. But, how as an educational institution do you brand your services? A simple solution is to use your visual branding on your buildings and the items you furnish it with. You can achieve this with many of our products, including our custom AV lecterns. This way anyone who visits or uses your services is presented with your brand subtly building upon all the aspects we’ve spoken about above.

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TOP-TEC make this easy by offering design services and manufacturing capabilities that allow us to customise our AV lecterns & other products to feature your visual branding. Depending on the product we can offer illuminated branding, vinyl decals and wraps. Get in touch via e-mail or by giving us a call on +44(0)121 783 3838 to discuss your requirements and hear our professional recommendations.

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