AV Lecterns & Media Price Guide 2016

The AV & Media Price Guide 2016 provides all the latest and up to date information on the TOP-TEC product range. This includes in full specifications on our audio visual lecterns, digital signage, projector mounts & cages and our SYNERGY collaborative tables.

We have also included new product additions to the 2016 guide, including:

We have also introduced brand new products to the lectern range, featuring RUBI, ARIES and JUNO and a number of our products have been enhanced with new designs to improve user experience including GEMINI, BRAVO and MESSENGER.

Our entire collaborative table range has been updated with a new design increasing the effectiveness of the product itself. We have also introduced the SYNERGY Height Adjustable where a section of the table rises and falls helping to accommodate users of all height requirements.

Digital Signage:
We have new additions to our Digital Signage range including our elegant stands. Our new DS Stand, CVC Stand and AVI Tower help to provide solutions including employee communication, video conferencing and security within business and education environments.

For more information on the AV & Media Price guide or any other queries you may have, please don’t hesitate to call an advisor on 0121 783 3838.

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