Focus at GV Multimedia Really Wild AV Show

GV Multimedia recently hosted their annual Really Wild AV Show at Bristol Zoo, giving us a great opportunity to show off our Collaborative furniture solutions and demonstrate our expertise in manufacturing to potential customers both existing and new. As expected, the show was a great success with a great atmosphere and plenty of opportunities to chat with potential customers. Amongst the delegates were Queen Mary College Taunton, Cardiff University, Swansea University & of course Bristol University.

What Did We Take?

TOP-TEC demonstrated a 6 seat Focus, a collaborative table which uses the screen as a focal point making it ideal for collaborative learning, meetings, video conferencing and break-out sessions. Focus was designed to adapt and enhance the ever-changing workspace. It is a collaborative furniture solution that can be placed in an open plan area to create instant meeting and break-out spaces for up to 6 people.

The Focus featured our Blade shaped worktop with a waterfall edge and a custom Dark Linen finish, it also included some of our optional extras such as  a camera shelf, underside cable management system and additional rack space in the leg.


Being able to work collaboratively in a private space within open plan workspaces is often a difficult task. Noise in busy environments can limit the efficiency of communication between participants, visual distractions can easily interrupt the flow of work and insufficient or incompatible connectivity can limit participants input. Furniture which seeks to alleviate these issues needs to be private, limit external background noise and create an effective acoustic environment. The Furniture should also be fully integrated to facilitate the connection of multiple devices. The Focus Pod has been designed around such needs featuring a recessed screen, customisable power and connectivity for varying devices and is paired with soft seating that creates a private environment.

Final Thoughts On GV Multimedia’s AV Show

The Really Wild AV Show was a great opportunity to show off our capability and expertise to customers and was a brilliant way to support GV Multimedia as an integrator. Our products were really well received and we look forward to working with GV in their upcoming projects, providing high quality solutions together.

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