Join us at the JISC Sticky Campus Roadshow |The Benefits Of Collaborative Workspace Furniture For Students

TOP-TEC are working with JISC to bring digitally-enabled learning spaces to your university or college, with the Sticky Campus. Using our collaborative workspace furniture we will be helping to promote the benefits of a workspace that is designed, and fully equipped, for active learning.

What is the Sticky Campus Roadshow?

If you’ve ever thought about how digitally-enabled learning spaces could work at your university or college, the Sticky Campus Roadshow is just for you. These workshops offer you the opportunity to test drive a fully-configured digital classroom. As well, you can see the benefits to your students for yourselves.

What is a Sticky Campus?

The Sticky Campus is a fully digitally-enabled learning space for students. It can be used for formal teaching sessions and during informal study. These workshops seek to embrace everything that is truly student-centric. Therefore, users can fully immerse themselves within their learning environment.

Encourage Active Learning with Collaborative Workspace Furniture

As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of collaborative workspace furniture, we are working in collaboration with JISC, through the roadshow and other projects. We will be equipping the workspaces with technology integrated furniture. Together, we will be creating collaborative learning environments for students. They can be utilised for both taught sessions and self-directed study.

What does the Roadshow provide?

The Roadshow itself is a mobile, student-centred, digitally-enabled classroom which travels the country for you to try out the collaborative furniture and integrated technology on offer. The trial can last for up to four-weeks.

Small groups can work student-to-student or student-to-tutor. Users can connect and share digital content at individual tables, through wireless connectivity, to a group screen. This content can also be simultaneously duplicated onto a large front-of-class screen. Implementing collaborative desks, such as a Synergy desk, into a workspace design encourages students to contribute ideas to the project, through visual learning. Groups can see their physical project in front of them. This, therefore, promotes creating thinking. It also ensures everyone is able to get involved in the group work.

These pop-up learning spaces are designed to promote collaboration and active learning. This is a form of learning that is on the rise and proving its success. Students can be engaged with real-time quizzes, instant ad-hoc questions and a huge range of collaborative tasks.

How can this help you?

The Roadshow gives you practical experience of an active collaborative learning space at your site. It helps you make informed decisions about what is involved in the set-up and where such spaces could be utilised in your environment. As well as, how one could benefit your students and staff.

These workshops can also act as a hub to bring stakeholders across your institution and in your locality together. You can share experiences of active learning and look at effective strategies.

It is important to understand the critical success factors before you invest, or look to develop your current learning and teaching spaces. These Roadshows can help you avoid pitfalls. They demonstrate what’s involved in a successful deployment of an active learning space, including:

  • The implementation of an effective wireless infrastructure
  • Designing the curriculum to suit active learning pedagogies
  • Enhancing staff and student digital capabilities
  • Understanding how such spaces support accessibility and inclusion
  • Optimising learning spaces to support varying durations of learning sessions

Get Involved!

We will be working with JISC to take the roadshow to different campus locations around the UK. JISC will be incorporating a wide range of workshops for both the host institution and those in the region.

See the roadshow in action in Leeds

These workshops consider the requirements for ensuring these spaces are successful for both students and institutions. We are running two identical events across the day so you can choose between a morning or an afternoon session.

Venue: Leeds Beckett University, The Gateway, Leslie Silver Building, Leeds Beckett University, City Campus, LS1 3ES

Upcoming Events

If you would like the roadshow to come to you or are interested in attending a workshop, please contact Duncan Peberdy ( or Catherine Grout (
Read more about hosting requirements for the roadshow (pdf).

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