Derby College Group – Creating the right Esports space

Esports has seen a tremendous growth in recent years, both in views and revenue worldwide. This has been reflected in a sharp rise in demand for Esports courses, where students can learn all aspects of the industry such as marketing, gaming skill, finance and management.

Derby College Group were offering one of their first ever Esports courses and wanted to develop an exciting new space to provide students with an environment where they could be fully immersed in the Esports gaming culture.

We were approached by the college to see if we could assist in designing the new space and work together to combine our experience in education with gaming influences to create the Esports “look and feel” that they wanted. The space would need to have a mix of gaming desks, whilst still incorporating traditional teaching methods so that lecturers could present to classroom and teach the curriculum.

Key Project Criteria

  • Develop an exciting new Esports environment that encourages teamwork for online gaming.

  • Provide space for gaming desks whilst still incorporating traditional teaching methods for lecturers to present to the classroom.

  • Any designs must have Esports influences incorporating dark colours and LED lighting.

Having previously worked with TOP-TEC, Derby College Group were confident that they could engage with our design team to create a room that met their vision.

Listening to their requirements, our Esports gaming desks were ideal for this type of project, and we were excited to see how we could help bring their Esports space to life.


Visualise your space

We developed a series of 3D renders to help the college visualise what their new Esports gaming space would look like, incorporating dark colours and LED lighting to help implement the gaming look they were after.


With you from start to finish

The college wanted the project to be finished within five months of the initial meeting, as the space needed to be open in time for the Esports course to begin.

Our in-house design and manufacture capabilities enabled us to control all aspects of the project from beginning to end, including initial brief, 2D layout & 3D renders, design specifications and installation all in time to start the new term.

Esports Gaming Desks

  • “Develop an exciting new Esports environment that promotes gaming and encourages teamwork.”

The cluster style tables help encourage communication between gamers, essential in helping improve teamwork for online gaming.

  • “Provide space for gaming desks whilst still incorporating traditional teaching methods for lecturers to present to the classroom.”

Bench and cluster style desks were provided so that lecturers could choose how they would like to teach the different aspects of Esports.

Both styles of desks can be utilised to focus on online gaming, or more traditional teaching methods can be used whilst presenting from a specialised teaching desk at the front of the classroom.

  • “Any designs must have the ‘Esports look & feel’ incorporating dark colours and LED lighting”

The combination of dark colours, LED lighting & illuminated is used to great effect showcasing the Esports feel and helping to immerse students into professional gaming culture.

  • “Furniture must have enough worktop space for gaming keyboard & mouse and be able to secure expensive PCs & other equipment.”

At TOP-TEC, we consider IT from the start, rather than as an afterthought. We were able to take all of the College’s pre-selected IT equipment and tailor our solutions to provide suitable space for each user. This was especially important when gaming online for each user to be comfortable as possible reduce any unwanted distractions.

The Result

Since the course began at the start of the new term, the college has received some great feedback from both tutors and students alike who both love using the new Esports space.

Download the PDF version here.

“The new Esports Lab has created a real wow factor and is a hot topic around Derby College Group with the students really enjoying using the space.

By offering something completely different to traditional classroom environments, we can really immerse users into the gaming culture.

We were delighted to work with TOP-TEC who were able to take our vision and turn it into reality with this really engaging and exciting space.

We are happy that Derby College Group are now equipped for the future by providing a purpose built space for Esports courses.”

Neil Hutchinson
IT Team Manager / Desktop Support
Derby College Group