Elevating Esports in Gibraltar

Esports in Gibraltar began as a leisure activity, however, in January 2023 it made a major transition from leisure to a competitive sport. As Esports as a professional sport grew in Gibraltar, it began to receive more support from the Ministry of Sports and Ministry of Education along with recognition from organisations worldwide. Courses were introduced into the Gibraltar academic curriculum and more efforts were invested into skill development within the Gibraltar Esports community.

To propel the growth of Esports in Gibraltar, the country’s official governing body of Esports and video gaming, Gibraltar Esports and Video Gaming Association (GEVGA) decided to create a state-of-the-art specialist hub for Esports competitions and training in their Europa Sports Complex. Having looked at our proven track record of creating engaging Esports spaces, we were contacted by the Chairman of GEVGA, Charles Garcia, to help bring the organisation’s vision to life.

Key Project Criteria:

  • Create an all-in-one space where Esports enthusiasts could learn, train and compete.

  • Furniture branding should represent GEVGA and the country’s national colours.

  • Easy integration of all the gaming equipment.

  • Maximise the use out of the triangular shaped room.

Esports in Gibraltar

Decision process…

Having worked with Corsair and SCAN in the past, we were aware of each other’s processes and worked to deliver the best possible outcome for this project.

Following several meetings between TOP-TEC, Corsair, SCAN and GEVGA, the organisation outlined their key project objectives and began collaborating with our in-house design team to find a suitable layout and Esports workstation solution that would favour all parties.

It was decided that our Warrior Esports Station would be the best suited due to its bench style and its specific design for Esports environment. These Esports desks also have a modular design, allowing us to tailor the number of seats in each row to GEVGA’s exact requirements.

  • “Space-saving solution due to the triangular shape of the room.”

Let us do what we do best…

With the help of the 2D and 3D room layouts created by our in-house design team, we were able to visualise the space to know what solutions would be best suitable for the space and how to position it while considering the shape of the room.

The Warrior Esports Station desks were placed horizontally to allow a clear line of sight between the users and the streaming/teaching wall and the broadcast/teaching desk in the corner. The horizontal placement also allows the Esports teacher easily move around the room from gamer to gamer and monitor their play and performance.

Esports in Gibraltar

Esports in Gibraltar

How did we help?

  • “Create an immersive all-in-one space where Esports enthusiasts could learn, train and compete.”

TOP-TEC Esports strongly believe that immersive Esports environments enhance learning and always strive to produce the best spaces possible for students and teams to compete in.
We supplied our double-sided Warrior Esports Station due its versatility. If teams want to compete, they could sit across each other and battle 5 v5, head-to-head thus creating a tournament-style environment. On the other hand, for a more collaborative learning environment, teams could train together by sitting side by side.

  • “Furniture branding should represent GEVGA and the country’s national colours.”

As an in-house designer and manufacturer, we were able to tailor our Warrior workstations to include branding of GEVGA’s logo on the side of the desks. This feature helped give that real “wow factor” on tournament days, for opposing teams and Esports enthusiasts who were looking to use the space.

Red edge banding was also incorporated on the desk to match Gibraltar national colours and further enforce the country within the new Esports space.

  • “Easy integration of all the gaming equipment.”

Our Esports desks range is designed to seamlessly integrate gaming equipment creating an easy-to-use all-in-one solution. Internal cable management, worktop power options, secure PC cages and screen mounts result in a fully integrated solution for better user collaboration and engagement.

TOP-TEC were able to collaborate with Corsair and SCAN to take all of the recommended gaming equipment and integrate it into our Warrior Esports Station.

Esports in Gibraltar

The Result

Since the launch of the room in the Esports complex, we have received great feedback from gamers, teachers and students. The new Esports space has become one of the most popular rooms within Gibraltar’s Europa Sports complex with Esports enthusiasts excited to have the opportunity to further develop their gaming skills.

GEVGA is delighted with how we were able to provide and tailor our solutions to meet their specific requirements. They are also excited to see the incredible opportunities this space will offer to Gibraltar’s Esports community and the growth of Esports in the country.

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“This marks an exciting chapter! The journey now unfolds with the development of a new Esports headquarters at the Europa Sports Complex.

This dedicated Esports room represents a pivotal milestone, promising to nurture grassroots, talent and cultivate the future stars of Gibraltar’s Esports scene.”

Charles Garcia
Gibraltar Esports and Video Gaming Association (GEVGA)