Case Studies


Elevating Esports in Gibraltar

As Esports as a professional sport grew in Gibraltar, it began to receive more support from the Ministry of Sports and Ministry of Education along with recognition from organisations worldwide. Esports courses were introduced into the Gibraltar academic curriculum and more efforts were invested into skill development within the Gibraltar Esports community.

To propel the growth of Esports in Gibraltar, the country’s official governing body of Esports and video gaming, Gibraltar Esports and Video Gaming Association (GEVGA) decided to create a state-of-the-art Esports Hub. We were contacted by the Chairman of GEVGA, Charles Garcia, to help bring the organisation’s vision to life.

Transforming Esports Education at Borders College

At TOP-TEC, we take pride in our commitment to providing innovative furniture solutions that cater to the evolving needs of educational institutions. Our recent collaboration with Borders College is a clear example of this as we were tasked with improving their Esports student experience.

With Esports rapidly becoming a valuable educational tool, Borders College sought to create a state-of-the-art gaming space that would engage students while helping improve collaboration and skills development. Having looked at our proven track record in creating exceptional Esports rooms, TOP-TEC was entrusted with bringing Borders College’s vision to life.

Dundee and Angus College – Creating a First-of-its-Kind Esports Studio for Scotland

As Esports in education continues to grow. Dundee & Angus College is keen that potential students see that Esports is not just about playing games competitively, it is a multidisciplinary career where a range of skills are required to organise, manage, and participate.

Dundee & Angus College wanted to create an Esports studio that would give their students an immersive learning experience. The college reached out to us to help them make this idea become a reality.

South-Central Institute of Technology / MK College -Creating an Innovative Learning Hub

This exciting project involved a new building at Bletchley Campus in Milton Keynes with the aim of providing opportunities for education and training in crucial tech skills, meeting the needs of businesses and inspiring digital futures.

The institute wanted to make one of the rooms in the new building into a dynamic collaborative learning space, designed to promote teamwork and enhance student engagement. To achieve this vision, TOP-TEC collaborated with Roche AV to help bring SCIoT’s innovative learning environment to life.

Chi Cobras Esports | Chichester College

Chichester College were going into the first of year of offering their dedicated Esports course and were looking to refurbish one of their existing spaces to create a base for the course.

The College wanted to provide students with a professional and immersive Esports environment which would act a central hub for the ESPORTS course and create a fit for purpose Esports space that could accommodate traditional classroom teaching for up to 22 students and host competitive Esports events for the ‘Chi Cobras’ Esports team.

Cardiff University – From Lecture Room to Team-based Learning Environment

Collaborative teaching and learning spaces are key within education environments. In fact, research shows that students in new, technology-enhanced collaborative learning spaces exceed grade expectations (Insider Higher Ed, 2022).

Cardiff University wanted to populate two large spaces for 300 students that would encourage group and team-based learning in their engineering department. One of their key strategic objectives was to create spaces to support their goal of transitioning from lecture-based styles of learning to more project-based learning environments.

DLD College London – Delivering the wow factor with esports in education

The rise of Esports as a mainstream industry has led to the development of specialised equipment and infrastructure to support competitive gaming.

DLD College London have recently implemented dedicated Esports courses and were looking to refurbish one of their existing spaces to accommodate and support a range of Esports activities.

University College Birmingham – Creating a state of the art Cyber Security Lab

Cyber Security is a major issue in modern society which has driven a huge demand for new workers in this area. To meet demand, University College Birmingham (UCB) offer a dedicated Cyber Security course to open up a wide range of career opportunities for students.

UCB wanted to create a brand new dedicated Cyber Security Lab and were looking to refurbish a room located in the Camden House Campus. 

University of Sunderland / Roche AV Pro – Campus wide seminar room renovation

The University recently underwent a campus wide project to renovate 80 of its classroom and seminar spaces. They wanted to improve the style, aesthetics and overall quality of their learning facilities across site to help meet the University’s long term vision and introduce lecture capture systems to improve the quality of online content and facilitate remote working for students.

Northumbria Health & Wellbeing Centre

We recently worked with Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust on a dedicated space focused on improving staff wellbeing in their new Healthcare and Wellbeing Centre.

This new building would help provide staff with a relaxing area for meetings and training sessions and a break away from the ever-busy hospital environment.

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