Lancaster University Ash House

TOP-TEC collaborated with Lancaster University to create an Active Learning Space for their new Ash House refurbishment

The Brief

Having gone through a refurbishment earlier this year, Ash House at Lancaster University, required student focused, computer laboratories configured for teaching and study. The challenge was creating a 100+ seated capacity Learning Lab in an unconventional inverse ‘L’ shaped space. This was proving difficult to meet the required capacity using traditional rows of desk and chairs.

In addition to the Learning Lab, the space was split into three separate subsections; an open IT zone and two lecture areas. It was imperative that space was allocated for a teaching point lectern and Equality Act compliant, height adjustable desks in each zone.

Lancaster University had previously engaged with TOP-TEC on Bowland North and Fylde College seminar room projects, which were a success, fulfilling key criteria; on time and within budget. Lancaster University therefore wanted to engage with a trusted furniture provider that could create a bespoke solution within defined capacities.

The Solution

With its robust construction, excellent cable management and modular design, Delta Desks could easily fit together to form compact clusters, creating the ideal solution. The innovative design allows for two students to sit at one desk, the internal curve and resulting desk edge angles provide efficient desk space for individual students while keeping the overall construction of the cluster, compact.

Rather than rows of traditional desking, the formation of Delta Desks allow the lecturer to easily engage with students and circulate around group clusters freely. The fundamental challenge of student capacity was resolved and the space was effectively utilised to its maximum, holding a capacity of 105 students.

Within the space there were also three presentation points for lecturers; one freestanding Credenza lectern in the centre of the room and two wall mounted Spire stations at each end of the ‘L’ shaped space, both inconspicuous and efficiently utilising smaller spaces.


The Benefits

Delta Desks are ideal for collaborative working which are difficult to populate due to inconvenient structures. Strong enough to support both plugand-go devices computers and can be fitted with a wide selection of power modules and cable management options to increase compatibility with devices.

The Delta Desks are available in a number of sizes which enabled one or two students seated at each desk.

The internal curve can be adjusted to determine the amount of desk space each student requires, providing the University a vast range of options when considering the Delta Desk as solutions for their ICT workspaces.

Key Features of Delta Desks:

  • Robust steel frames capable of supporting heavy ICT equipment
  • Cable trunking/trays provide neat and easy cable management
  • Computer security prevents IT devices from theft
  • Strong steel construction ensures desks are durable and dependable
  • Can be adapted and arranged to fit a variety of room requirements

The Outcome

“Having worked with TOP-TEC previously, we were confident that they would deliver a complete solution, providing excellent service with quality products.

The desking solution has really utilised the space to its maximum, allowing teaching sessions to reach its full potential. Students are able to work independently and collaboratively and lecturers can easily engage with students”

David Neal
Teaching Space Technology Coordinator