National Training Centre – Steinhoff Group UK

“It was very important to us that our facility matched the expectations of our employees and allowed our programmes which are collaborative and experiential to deliver in excess of our expectations to the business. Dalen did this, they listened very carefully to our plans and took genuine interest in the results we needed to realise. Their attention to detail at both the planning and installation phases meant that the final solution we have arrived at is perfect and enables the long term success of our facility.”

Noel Jolley
Head of People Development


The Brief

Due to recent successes in implementing customer development programs across the country, the Steinhoff Group (SGUK) built a dedicated training centre called the ‘Learning Store’.

The objective of the centre was to help deliver company growth over a five year period, with people development playing a major part. SGUK required furniture solutions for a reception entrance, a workplace office, four meeting spaces and three training rooms.

Dalen TOP-TEC were given the challenge to meet corporate branding, style, ergonomics and company dynamics to create an aspirational professional working environment.

The Solution & Benefits

Reception and Entrance Area
TOP-TEC designed a custom made reception desk featuring illuminated corporate branding, helping create a positive impression to all delegates. The desk was constructed with a bespoke curved shape, a stylish white body and high quality walnut worktop, helping reflect the high standard training environment, enforcing the corporate identity to motivate new recruits.

Office workplace
Double benches with modern white worktops helped populate the office workplace, creating a professional working environment. Storage lockers were installed to help space management, as well as ergonomic best practice to help make the office environment clean and tidy.

Training rooms
TOP-TEC understood that SGUK required rooms for varied types of training formats. Using our flexible desks, we provided a solution that allowed one-to-one meetings to be conducted for discussion and individual coaching, or alternatively a more relaxed side by side layout depending on the style of meeting.

For larger training rooms, our training table solution enabled different desk combinations and shapes. This means student seating positions and overall alignment can be tailored to maximise the type of training method being used.

Key benefits of TOP-TEC solutions

  • Provided flexible one-to-one and group meeting rooms.
  • Custom built reception desk creating a positive first impression
  • Helped enforce company message with quality finishes and bright colours and corporate branding
  • Created a workplace that promoted health and wellbeing and greater productivity