Leeds University Business School – Making the successful pivot to online learning…


Leeds University Business School were in the process of altering their learning strategy to be more focused towards blended learning, encouraging students to complete their online learning before taking part in workshops and seminars where they could then implement what they had learned.

Sean Gledhill and the Enhancement & Innovation Team were tasked with developing more exciting blended learning experiences for students and were concentrating on improving the standard of their online video content.

Key Project Criteria

  • Create easily available and engaging digital content for students to assist the new blended learning strategy

  • Support lecturers and tutors in creating online content to be implemented in workshops, lectures and seminars

  • Develop exciting and innovative student learning experiences.

Initial Concept & Brief

Following an initial consultation with TOP-TEC, Sean had developed a concept and series of rough sketches involving a ‘glass board’, whereby the lecturer could use a traditional whiteboard classroom setup whilst maintaining eye contact and engaging more with students.

TOP-TEC worked closely with Sean and his preferred AV integrator on several prototypes, accounting for height adjustability, manoeuvrability and integration of glass panels. The final design resulted in a ‘fit-for-purpose’ online learning solution based on their specific requirements.

Introducing TeachingGLASS

TOP-TEC successfully developed our brand-new TeachingGLASS solution, tailored to meet their specific project requirements.

  • Easily set up & record high quality digital content for students.

  • Maintain eye contact whilst presenting to increase student engagement.

  • Ideal for visual learning subjects.

  • Engage students and make lecturing more enjoyable!

How does it work?

TeachingGLASS can be easily implemented into existing spaces/studios using the following equipment setup…

  1. Camera + Teleprompter

  2. TeachingGLASS + Lighting + Sound

  3. Black backdrop

  • Image is then flipped in post production.

The Result

Since the installation, the TeachingGLASS has received really positive reviews from staff members across a range of faculties. Academics specialising in visual learning subjects such as Mathematics, Accounts, Sciences and Finance have been delighted the high quality content produced utilising this new concept, making it much easier to engage with students online.

Sean appreciated TOP-TEC’s flexibility in overcoming several obstacles when undertaking this type of project and produce a solution that met the University’s specific needs. The project has been a resounding success and Leeds Business School are delighted with the outcome.