Exploring the Types of Esports Spaces


Esports has gained significant traction within higher and further education, encouraging skills such as teamwork, strategic thinking, and problem-solving, all while engaging students. As a result of this growing trend, a variety of Esports spaces have emerged within educational institutions. From purpose-built arenas to intimate gaming lounges, the landscape of Esports spaces is continuously evolving.

Esports practice facilities are training grounds for future gamers. To achieve optimum performance, it is crucial to ensure that the furniture utilised in the spaces serves the same purpose as the spaces themselves…

The Different Esports Spaces and their Appropriate Furniture

Teaching Room

The teaching room set up is more like a traditional classroom with desks and a central teaching screen. These rooms are equipped with the necessary technology and resources to support both theoretical and practical aspects of esports education. For example, the student computers sync with the teachers’ PC to allow live display of the teaching content on student’s screens. Often times, the teaching room can also be used as the gaming room.

Practical gaming stations with privacy dividers are key in this set up to help limit distractions while learning content and allow students focus when playing games.

Gaming Arena

This is a space dedicated for competitions.  Teams play here when they are pitted against each other, other colleges or Esports teams within the league. This space creates a professional gaming environment to fully immerse students into real-life competitive gaming world. It can have different layouts depending on the specific purpose of the room.

For example, Esports competitions usually takes place in 1v1, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5, and 6v6. To emphasise on the competitive element, a college might want to have the desks placed on opposite sides of the room while facing each other – giving a battle-like feel to the space.

Another common gaming layout is one that encourages team collaboration while gaming. This space allows teams have the opportunity to discuss tactics, re-strategise and manage each other while playing together and against each other. Cluster-style desks are most suitable for this type of space due their team-based design.

Broadcasting and Streaming Room

These are dedicated spaces designed for Esports players to livestream their gameplay, create video content, and engage with their audience.  It allows audience view and interact with the gamers during games. These rooms are equipped with high-quality gaming setups, effective acoustics, streaming equipment, and broadcasting tools to support these activities.

These rooms could also serve as spaces for players, teachers, and tournament officials to review gameplay, analyse strategies, and improve their skills.

Breakout Areas

These are designated spaces within gaming facilities where players and teams can take a break, relax, or engage in various activities between gaming sessions or matches. Breakout areas offer Esports players a place to rest and relax, helping them recharge both mentally and physically between intense gaming sessions. Additionally, coaches and teams often use breakout areas for team meetings, strategy discussions, and reviewing game footage.

Comfortable seating and lounge-like furniture give players the environment thy need to relax in between games areas, and amenities like massage chairs may be provided. These spaces may also be equipped with whiteboards, projectors, and other tools for tactical planning.

Inclusivity in Esports Spaces

Esports spaces should serve as a reflection of the diversity of students interested in esports, breaking down barriers that might limit participation. An inclusive gaming environment means ensuring that gaming facilities and events are accessible to all students, allowing them to fully engage in competitive gaming. In doing so, esports gaming spaces become welcoming havens for all students, where they can enjoy the thrill of competition, learn valuable skills, and build a sense of community.

A great example of factoring inclusivity in Esports spaces is the provision of height adjustable gaming desks. The desk should be Equality Act Compliant – height adjustable whereby entire surface rises and falls to meet any user preference.

How is TOP-TEC getting Involved?

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