Northumbria Health & Wellbeing Centre

Improving Staff Health + Wellbeing

Our NHS staff work tirelessly and passionately to provide outstanding healthcare across the UK. However, it is important that NHS staff are physically and mentally healthy for them to be at their best. Due to this, staff well-being is increasingly becoming a priority within the NHS who are launching initiatives to help improve this.

Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust are actively working towards this goal and decided to create a dedicated space for staff separate from the clinical setting. Northumbria Health & Wellbeing Centre would help provide staff with a relaxing area for meetings and training sessions and a break away from the ever-busy hospital environment.

The trust required furniture that would encourage collaboration and interaction between staff and provide a more informal space for work. It was also important that the furniture provided would suitably fit every room’s specific purpose such as clinical training, non-confidential patient calls and hot desk areas.

Key Project Criteria

  • Support the Trust in creating a dedicated space for staff to help improve their well-being.
  • Provide a comfortable, relaxing, and attractive space to encourage staff to use the new facilities.
  • Supply furniture for a variety of spaces within the building specific to their distinct functions and requirements.

Decision Process…

Having previously worked with TOP-TEC to provide our Forum Desks to their hospital library, they chose us for this project as they wanted consistency in products and were confident that we would help them achieve their vision.

We began the process by arranging on-site meetings between our design team and the building’s manager and project director where we discussed various product options along with a variety of colour choices. They liked that there was a wide range of options and appreciated our ability to create bright and vibrant spaces for a more easy-going environment.

Following that, we supplied 2D room layouts and 3D product renders to help them visualise how their spaces would look. They appreciated how these layouts worked with the space available to meet their open plan requirement, by accommodating pillars and glass partitioned walls without affecting functionality.

How Did We Help?

“Create a dedicated space for staff to help improve their wellbeing.”

  • Bright colours: Incorporated warm colours, creating an environment for staff to feel settled as soon as they walk in.
  • Interaction: Meeting pods help encourage collaboration between staff, aiming to make meetings more engaging and fostering a “community” feel.
  • Change of scenery: Creating a dedicated space for staff away from the hospital environment helps improve their well-being.

“Supply furniture for a variety of spaces within the building specific to their distinct functions and requirements.”

  • Clinical training: Multi-purpose desks specifically designed to accommodate both ICT and non-ICT use in the building’s IT rooms. These desks also allow shared resources on screens, making them perfect for clinical training.
  • Hot desk areas: Ideal for hot desk areas, these desks also helped accommodate obstructing pillars throughout, helping maximise the use of the space.
  • Breakout & informal meetings: Reserved and comfortable nooks with soft furniture to relax and have informal meetings.

“Provide a comfortable, relaxing, and attractive space to encourage staff to use the new facilities.”

  • Familiarity: Furniture provided in the well-being centre is similar in to the furniture provided previously to the hospital library. TOP-TEC products are easy-to-use, encouraging staff to use them without any complications.
  • Open plan design: Our furniture was arranged to make best use of available space to create an open air and uncluttered environment, urging staff to use facilities and making it easier to move around within facility.

The Result

The Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is delighted with how well the space is being received. The collaborative Focus Pods have become so popular that the Trust has had to make them bookable pods only to manage the high demand.

This building has become a dedicated space that staff use for training, hot desking, collaborative meetings and breaks. We have also received amazing feedback from staff who are grateful to have a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere away from the hospital.

Download the full PDF case study here.


“There is a lot of excitement around the hospital now that the health and wellbeing centre has been opened. Staff are really enjoying working in the new building and appreciate the change of scenery and the warm atmosphere.

We are delighted to have worked with TOP-TEC on this project, they were attentive and delivered excellent customer service from start to finish. They understood our vision, brought it to life and exceeded our expectations.”

Yeewan Fenwick
Education Directorate Manager
Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust