ISE 2020 Round-up

Dalen TOP-TEC is one of the country’s leading audiovisual equipment manufacturers. We were proud to showcase our new and updated products at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) show in Amsterdam for the 9th year running. The show is a great way to network with customers and partners alike. It also allows us to keep abreast of emerging technologies, with the potential of integration into or being supported by our products.

At the show, we get the chance to speak with our end-users. We can get the rundown of their current pain points. We can also find out where our products and/or design & manufacturing expertise can help them. All of these opportunities are invaluable. ISE is always an important opportunity to showcase new products. It is also the perfect way to exhibit the improvements we have been making to our existing products too.

New and updated audiovisual equipment


Our new mobile screen solution CoACT is great for multi-purpose spaces. CoACT is a flexible display column. It allows for different learning styles within the same space. CoACT can switch from a whiteboard to a screen display in a matter of seconds.

Synergy 4

We have been making several improvements to the fourth iteration of our popular Synergy collaborative tables. It now has optional accessories and features including a sound bar mount, Echo dot housing and power modules, increased connectivity with USB-C/Lightning connections and an improved screwless interface plate. The focus has been to improve cable management/access throughout the unit. It provides more space to integrate your technology. It also has removable panels which make accessing integrated components easier and quicker. All of this takes place without compromising on security.

A favourite at ISE 2020 on show in our meeting booth was our 6 seat Synergy Blade. It has a new sleek shark-nose edge worktop and business focused accessories. The Synergy Range creates enriched meeting environments. Colleagues can use the audio visual equipment to share content, discuss ideas and collaborate around a shared screen.

Aries 2

Aries is already a popular choice for improved accessibility, ergonomics and comfort while presenting. This is down to its split height adjustable worktop. We have been adding even more flexibility to the design by allowing the worktop to tilt and be set between 15° and flat.

Explorer 2

Our ever-popular Explorer Lectern has also been undergoing some quality of life changes. We can now print your branding directly onto the surface of the unit. This makes the body of the unit less curved. So to balance this, we’ve also increased the surface area on all worktops in the range.

Spire Gravity HA

The Spire Trolley offers the ideal solution for open plan and agile learning spaces. It enables screens to be easily moved and deployed with little setup time. We’ve added even more flexibility to the unit too. You can now easily adjust the height of the screen with our Gravity HA solution.

Juno C Gravity HA

As with the Spire trolley we added a Gravity HA module to the Juno unit. You can manually adjust the height and improve accessibility and comfort for different users.

Printed Branding on AV furniture 

One of the most notable improvements across our product range is our ability to print directly onto them. From branding to the labelling of our interface plates, printing directly onto the products surface represents a huge improvement in quality, durability and finish and went down very well at the show.

Returning favourites

Wayfinder & Wayfinder Mini

Our Wayfinder units enable screens to be securely placed in any open plan area. This allows you to display information to students or employees. Alternatively, you can deploy touch screens for map and way-finding purposes. The secure free-standing units are ideal for areas accessible to the general public. They are also ideal for areas with large groups of people such as receptions and libraries.

Gemini Solo

The Gemini range returns to ISE as a customer favourite that we are always updating and improving. It is available in a large range of sizes to suit all room types and designed to securely house AV & media equipment. You can purchase it in 16U or 14U rack variations.

Contact us today

If you have any upcoming projects that you would like to discuss with us, then please get in touch today. We would also love to hear feedback from any of you who saw us at the show.

To find out more about our audiovisual equipment here at TOP-TEc, then head to our website today. Or, you can call +44 (0) 0121 783 3838 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team. You can also e-mail us at

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